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Natural stones are characterized by high resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage. Granite is an excellent raw material to be used in the design of kitchen countertops. Stone countertops are not only a beautiful and long-term investment, but above all a solid and durable product.


Bathroom countertops

Natural stone gives the bathroom a noble and prestigious character, making its users feel special.
Our stones are easy to keep clean thanks to its structure. In addition, impregnated, natural stone does not absorb water and moisture, which makes it an unrivaled product for the bathroom.


Window sills

External window sills have a double function – their task is to protect the building against unsightly stains and damp walls, as well as to provide an attractive finish to it and top the window decorations.
Due to this feature, window sills must be durable and resistant to weather conditions and properly match the style and aesthetics of the entire building.
It is very important to choose the right material from which the window sills will be made.

Stone stairs

Stone stairs are not only effective, but also safe and prove themselves as an investment for years. Modern techniques of stone development allow you to create stairs that will perfectly fit into the interior and the character of the building.


Fireplace housings

The fireplace can be finished in several ways. Virtually any type of stone can be used for this purpose.
The popularity of this type of housing is due to the fact that the stone is a non-flammable material, resistant to scratches, cracks and other damage, and the care of workmanship adequate for the maintenance of such a housing is practically indestructible. Fireplaces use soft stones such as marble, travertine and granite.

Stone furniture

Innovative furniture projects. Furniture most often made of stones are tables.
Whether it is a granite stone table top or a marble table, it is up to the customers to decide. Stone furniture has a unique help to add class and unique atmosphere to a room.



Natural stone is one of the most durable facade materials, and it also pleases the eyes of users. Create a modern room by fitting a fragment of a stone facade into it. A timeless finish with a guarantee of quality is ensured by stones with low water absorption. Contact us for details of the offer.


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