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Kitchen Countertops

Stone kitchen worktops are increasingly appearing in Polish kitchens each year. They are successively replacing wooden and laminated countertops. Natural stone gives the countertops character and fits perfectly with various styles: classic, minimalist, modern and Scandinavian.

Advantages of stone countertops:
Versatility and aesthetic appearance – granite countertops add an elegant look to the kitchen, regardless of the interior arrangement
High temperature resistance – a granite countertop is highly resistant to high temperatures. You do not have to worry about the trays taken straight from the oven.
Scratch and abrasion resistance – granite is a stone resistant to mechanical damage. You can easily cut it with a knife.
Moisture resistance – granite countertops show resistance to moisture, which distinguishes them from other stones.
Easy to clean – Polished granite countertops are easy to clean, thanks to which you will keep your kitchen looking neat.
Possible to repair – if the granite worktop is mechanically damaged, then the defects can be easily masked, for example with a grinding stone.

Conglomerate kitchen Countertops


Conglomerate countertops are an alternative to granite countertops. Made of natural stone aggregate, which is bonded with synthetic resins. They resemble stone countertops, but are less diverse.
Durable and more flexible than stone countertops.
Easy to clean. You can easily clean them with a sponge and a suitable detergent.
Resistant to acids, coloring liquids, vinegar, etc.
They are not resistant to high temperatures. They withstand temperatures from -5 to 160 degrees Celsius. Also, be careful with coloring substances, as they can penetrate the structure of the table top.

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